If you anticipate or are going through a divorce in Tennessee or Florida, put Summit Divorce Planning, LLC to work on your case.



Even in normal and healthy marriages, a vast majority of Americans identify money as a top conflict issue with their companion.


In divorce, financial disagreements can become more adversarial, thats when you may need the services of a financial expert, such as Cliff Benjamin.

Cliff Benjamin routinely handles the complex and often emotionally charged divorce cases by employing a wide range of business management skills and negotiation techniques learned through two decades of managing media properties and personal finance magazines, in which the ultimate success was the achievement of specific financial goals, marketing benefits, and client-oriented solutions.


Operating in middle Tennessee since 2003, and now South Florida starting September 2016, Summit Divorce Planning, LLC helps divorcing clients understand their financial position and in doing so, helps them expand their options to achieve an equitable financial settlement in divorce. As a divorced person, I recognize that every client is unique and that our strategy should meet short, medium and long term economic objectives. If you need help in preparing your mediation financial plan, please call us. We would be pleased to help you develop several economic settlement concepts, or even provide a second opinion which could help reduce costly litigation fees and moderate conflict.


If your pending or ongoing divorce action appears to be filled with more detailed financial complexities brought about be the prospect of long term alimony, or other more complex financial discussions, Summit Divorce Planning, LLC has ample experience at building effective support in the following economic subjects:

  • Asset tracing

  • Financial dissipation, asset re-creation

  • Financial confirmation of separate and/or marital assets and liabilities.

  • Assemble proof of one's temporary efforts to reduce the income stream of a small, or privately held company

  • Business valuations, completed economically

  • Build an economic profile of the projected earning capacity of your spouse

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