“My goal is to look out for your financial needs and do what I can to make an often painful situation a little smoother.”

Clifford B. Benjamin, CVA, CDFA

For over 16 years, as Owner, CVA®, CDFA™, and founder of Summit Divorce Planning, I have been helping clients navigate the struggle and confusion that comes with divorce.


Meet the President

In 2000, Cliff Benjamin went through his own divorce that included a six-day trial. From this experience he learned a valuable lesson first-hand, that the financial and emotional challenges of divorce deserve specialized planning and attention.

From 1982 to 2001 Cliff Benjamin was considered an adept and high energy New York City publishing executive with global brands such as Hearst Magazines, IBM/Forbes Custom Publishing division, Chief Executive Magazine, and Inc Magazine. These everyday connections with American leaders and innovators have led to a comprehensive understanding of the mindset of highly motivated individuals and how to broker complex asset settlements.

Cliff Benjamin has created three businesses since 2003, each dedicated to creating innovative financial solutions tailored to the needs of individuals who are encumbered by complex financial matters. Cliff, for the preceding twenty years, proved to be a forward-thinking energetic and dynamic deal maker, uniquely talented at building trust and taking organizations to higher levels of performances, including national and international corporations such as Hearst Magazines, co-publisher of SmartMoney Magazine, Forbes Inc, Publisher of Forbes Magazine and Goldhirsh Publishing, and the creator Inc Magazine. Cliff has successfully concluded thousands of corporate transactions resulting in hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue, which have helped individuals and corporations achieve specific financial, marketing and sales goals.

In the often economically complex field of family law, Cliff has creatively collaborated with clients and members of the legal community in Connecticut, Florida, Kentucky, Massachusetts, Mississippi, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania & Tennessee counties of Davidson, Lawrence, Maury, Shelby, Sumner, Williamson, and Wilson.

Practice Areas include:

  • Summit Divorce Planning, LLC provides accounting-based reports and utilizes financial planning tools, proven to be essential in supporting and contradicting claims of spousal support and often aiding in an equitable division of assets, utilized in the counts and alternative settlement approaches such as mediations and collaborative environment.

  • Summit Business Valuation Associates, LLC provides family law financial litigation support, business valuations, forensic matters, cash flow reports, asset tracing, stock option analysis, issues involving economic damages, & mediation participation.

  • Sound Crest Financial Services, LLC and Investacorp provide Investment Advisory Services, Asset Management, Retirement Planning and Insurance needs analysis/solutions.

Cliff has been featured in Financial Advisor Magazine, New York Law Journal, Advertising Age, 1994 named to Who’s Who in American Business, The Tennessean and various local Television Shows in Nashville.


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Our Strategic Advisors


Michael J. Garvey

Micheal Garvey currently serves as a consultant for Summit Divorce Planning with Three Rivers Consulting Group in Rumson, New Jersey.

  • Former Portfolio Manager, Director, Equity Analyst - CIBC World Markets, Angelo, Gordon and Co.


Brian George

Brian George serves as a Managing Partner, Certified Financial Manager, and Anti Money Laundering Specialist for Calas Group in Miami, FL.