Wealth Management in Divorce is vital when everything you’ve earned is at risk. Let us guide you through the challenges as you start your own financial plan.


Your Family Life Needs First

Committed to our clients in everything we do. Divorce is hard, and while it’s never easy, we want to make it as smooth as possible. Helping you and your legal representation navigate all the options to solve the complex financial challenges, identify economic opportunities, and protect you and your family. Our goal is your best possible outcome.

Listening To Your Goals

The associates at Summit Divorce Planning, LLC believe that your life situation requires that we carefully listen to your goals, fears, and worries that surround divorce. Often at even the first meeting, client-centric questions reveal new financial considerations, concerns, and possibilities that can be life-altering.

Protecting You & Your Finances

Divorce is one of the biggest transitions that will affect you and your loved ones, it's precisely at this time of great emotional stress and legal uncertainty, that a carefully crafted divorce financial plan may provide the financial guidance that you and your attorney need to achieve the best possible settlement.


We Help Those In Need

We help those looking for answers in this difficult time. From a dependent spouse seeking lifestyle support to build an effective case, to those requiring specialized discovery methods to find hidden assets to primary wage earners: business owners, professionals, corporate executives, entertainers and athletes seeking to protect their hard-earned assets. We know both sides of the coin and that lets us serve you with the care and accuracy you deserve.


Why We Want To Be On Your Side

Summit Divorce Planning specializes in developing creative solutions, as we know how confusing & difficult this time can be. We want to be there for you.

  • We want to help you find what should be yours

  • We will help you keep more of what you’ve earned

  • We assist with mediation participating in complex financial issues

  • We help our clients build an effective economic divorce planning strategy

  • We will build an economic profile of the projected earning capacity of your spouse

  • We help prove separate property, commingling, and asset tracing

  • We assist with business valuation in divorce

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How We Help

Our practice areas include family law financial litigation support, valuations in divorce, forensic matters, cash flow reports, asset tracking, stock option analysis, and dissipation. We are practiced in all forms of settlement venues, including mediation, collaboration, and trial work.

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